http #

Description #

The http filter is used to forward requests to a specified HTTP server as a proxy.

Configuration Example #

A simple example is as follows:

  - name: default_flow
      - basic_auth:
            medcl: passwd
      - http:
          schema: "http" #https or http
          #host: ""
           - ""
           - ""

Parameter Description #

schemastringhttp or https
hoststringTarget host address containing the port ID, for example, localhost:9200
hostsarrayHost address list. The addresses are tried in sequence after a fault occurs.
skip_failure_hostboolSkip hosts in failure, default true
max_connection_per_nodeintThe max connections per node, default 5000
max_response_sizeintThe max length of response supported
max_retry_timesintThe max num of retries, default 0
retry_delay_in_msintThe latency before next retry in millisecond, default 1000
skip_cleanup_hop_headersboolRemove Hop-by-hop Headers
max_conn_wait_timeoutdurationThe max time wait to create new connections, default 30s
max_idle_conn_durationdurationThe max duration of idle connections, default 30s
max_conn_durationdurationThe max duration of keepalived connections, default 0s
timeoutdurationRequest timeout duration, default 30s
read_timeoutdurationRead request timeout duration, default 0s
write_timeoutdurationWrite request timeout duration, default 0s
read_buffer_sizeintRead buffer size, default 16384
write_buffer_sizeintWrite buffer size, default 16384
tls_insecure_skip_verifyboolSkip the TLS verification, default true