request_path_limiter #

Description #

The request_path_limiter filter is used to define traffic control rules for requests. It can implement index-level traffic control.

Configuration Example #

A configuration example is as follows:

  - name: rate_limit_flow
      - request_path_limiter:
          message: "Hey, You just reached our request limit!"
            - pattern: "/(?P<index_name>medcl)/_search" 
              max_qps: 3 
              group: index_name 
            - pattern: "/(?P<index_name>.*?)/_search" 
              max_qps: 100
              group: index_name

In the above configuration, the query is performed against the medcl query, the allowable maximum QPS is 3, and the QPS is 100 for queries performed against other indexes.

Parameter Description #

messagestringMessage returned for a request, for which traffic control conditions are met
rulesarrayTraffic control rule. Multiple rules can be configured, which are matched based on their configuration sequence. If a rule is matched earlier, the corresponding action is performed earlier.
rules.patternstringRegular expression rule used for URL path matching. One group name must be provided as the bucket key for traffic control.
rules.groupstringGroup name defined in the regular expression, which is used to count the number of requests. Requests with the same group value are regarded as the same type of request.
rules.max_qpsintMaximum QPS defined for each group of requests. When the actual value exceeds this value, the traffic control action is triggered.