response_header_filter #

Description #

The response_header_filter is used to filter traffic based on response header information.

Configuration Example #

A simple example is as follows:

  - name: test
      - response_header_filter:

The above example shows that a request is not allowed to pass through when the header information of the response contains INFINI-CACHE: CACHED.

Parameter Description #

excludearrayResponse header information for refusing to allow traffic to pass through
includearrayResponse header information for allowing traffic to pass through
actionstringProcessing action after filtering conditions are met. The value can be set to deny or redirect_flow and the default value is deny.
statusintStatus code returned after the user-defined mode is matched
messagestringMessage text returned in user-defined deny mode
flowstringID of the flow executed in user-defined redirect_flow mode
Note: If the include condition is met, requests are allowed to pass through only when at least one response code in include is met. If only the exclude condition is met, any request that does not meet exclude is allowed to pass through.