translog #

Description #

The translog filter is used to save received requests to local files and compress them. It can record some or complete request logs for archiving and request replay.

Configuration Example #

A simple example is as follows:

  - name: translog
      - translog:
          max_file_age: 7
          max_file_count: 10

Parameter Description #

pathstringRoot directory for log storage, which is the translog subdirectory in the gateway data directory by default
categorystringLevel-2 subdirectory for differentiating different logs, which is default by default.
filenamestringName of the log storage file, which is translog.log by default.
compressboolWhether to compress and archive files after scrolling. The default value is true.
max_file_ageintMaximum number of days that archived files can be retained, which is 30 days by default.
max_file_countintMaximum number of archived files that can be retained, which is 100 by default.
max_file_size_in_mbintMaximum size of a single archived file, in bytes. The default value is 1024 MB.