dag #

Description #

The dag processor is used to manage the concurrent scheduling of tasks.

Configuration Example #

The following example defines a service named racing_example and auto_start is set to true. Processing units to be executed in sequence are set in processor, the dag processor supports concurrent execution of multiple tasks and the wait_all and first_win aggregation modes.

  - name: racing_example
    auto_start: true
    - echo: #ready, set, go
        message: read,set,go
    - dag:
        mode: wait_all #first_win, wait_all
          - echo: #player1
              message: player1
          - echo: #player2
              message: player2
          - echo: #player3
              message: player3
          - echo: #checking score
              message: checking score
          - echo: #announce champion
              message: 'announce champion'
    - echo: #done
        message: racing finished

The echo processor above is very simple and is used to output a specified message. This pipeline simulates a race scene, in which players 1, 2, and 3 run at the same time. After they run, the scores are calculated and the winner is announced, and finally the completion information is output. The output of the program is as follows:

[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:read,set,go
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:player1
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:player2
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:player3
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:checking score
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:announce champion
[10-12 14:59:22] [INF] [echo.go:36] message:racing finished

Parameter Description #

modestringAggregation mode of task results. The value first_win indicates that the program continues further execution after any of the concurrent tasks is completed, and the value wait_all indicates that the program continues further execution only after all concurrent tasks are completed.
parallelarrayTask array list, in which multiple subtasks are defined in sequence.
endarrayTask array list, which lists tasks to be executed after concurrent tasks are completed.